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Residential Carpet Cleaning You Can Trust

Keeping your home clean is important for your family’s health. Regular carpet cleaning is an important part of that process. We are always here to make sure your carpet is sanitized and free of unpleasant odors. We are always here to listen to your needs and recommend affordable solutions.

We Listen to Your Needs

Because we know your home is unique, we always take the time to listen to your questions and recommend solutions to meet your needs. Our team will conduct an assessment of your carpet to determine the best cleaning package suitable. Some carpet conditions may require additional time, selective products and treatment to achieve desired results.

Remember that upholstered furniture also needs routine attention to extend the life of fabrics and keep furniture looking its best. If you’re unsure whether your home’s furniture needs attention, we’re here to provide advice.

If you’re looking for prompt, friendly, and professional Calgary carpet cleaning services; look no further. We’re proud to be industry leaders, and we are focused on your satisfaction. Our company is truly a one-stop shop for all your carpet cleaning needs from area rugs and furniture to home and office cleanups, we have you covered. Post construction, mobile interior car detailing, and so much more; we do it all!


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Calgary Carpet Cleaning

A clean carpet can create a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere, but there’s a downside: the dirt and dust it accumulates. With our fast and efficient full-service cleaning, we can help you keep your entire home sanitary and clean.

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Move in / Move out

Moving in or out of your home or office can be much more robust than you initially thought it would be. Allow us professionals to do what we love, which can save you a lot of time and energy, not to mention perfect results.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Once you’ve completed your home renovations, it’s quite a job to get everything as clean and organized to the way it was. We have completed these tasks thousands of times, our team is extremely well-trained for this type of work.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Calgary
Interior Car & RV Detailing

Mobile Interior Car Detailing

We spend a great deal of time in our vehicles and RV’s, and as such, they should get the treatment they deserve. With a deep cleaning for your motorhome, automotive upholstery and carpet makes it easy to keep that new-car look, feel, and smell.

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Residential Cleaning

We are able to meet your need with our residential cleaning services where ever you are.


Avoiding Health Issues

Everyone wants a healthy home, but accomplishing that goal can take time. It’s easy for contaminants in a home’s carpets to affect the health of residents. That’s especially true if any family members suffer from respiratory issues. The best way to avoid many health issues is to keep a home’s carpeting clean.

If you’re suffering from respiratory issues, contacting Calgary carpet cleaning professionally will significantly improve your home’s air quality. That means everyone in your family will be able to breathe easier.

Pet Problems? We Can Help

Family pets are loveable, but there are times when pet stains and odours can strain relationships. Our cleaning experts have the tools and training to eliminate pet odours and stains to restore the look and feel of your home’s carpets.

Not all pet stains and odours are easily removed, but our staff will make sure your home’s carpets are clean and free of unpleasant odours. Remember, pets are likely to create more problems if all remnants of prior accidents are not removed. We are always here to make sure your home is safe and comfortable.

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Select us for our Experience

Choose Us for Our Experience

We may be a locally-owned and operated company, but we’re some of the best in the business. With our furniture and carpet cleaning experience, we have what it takes to handle any job. Call us today for the professional service you deserve.

Convenient Scheduling For Cleaning Services

Convenient Scheduling

When you choose us, you can expect to have your carpets cleaned within 24 hours or less. Same-day appointments are also available, and we invite you to contact us for more information.

Service Calls for Carpet Cleaning Services

Service Calls

We’re not happy unless you are. If you aren’t absolutely pleased with the results of our efforts, we will come back to your home, job site, or office and re-clean the area until you are completely satisfied.

ECO-Friendly Products for Carpet Cleaning

Pet and Family-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

As a green company, we offer and ensure the safest environment possible for children and pets. Our eco-friendly products are free of harsh chemicals, and they’re good for the Earth. Your children (and future generations) will be grateful that you made the right carpet cleaning choice.

Home Carpet Cleaning Services
Working Hard to make Things Easy for Customers

Working Hard to Make Things Easy for Customers

When you call us, you’ll get so much more than a cleaning service. We’ll make every effort to ensure that your experience is convenient, easy, and customized to fit your schedule. 

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Committed to Customer Service

Our technicians are pledged to deliver quality work and award-winning customer service with every visit. If the service you receive falls short of expectations, our trained representatives will help you resolve the issue.

Home Carpet Cleaning Services
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Trained Technicians

Our well-trained technicians bring years of experience and professionalism into your business or home. Our company is insured and bonded.

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Easy Invoicing

We make the payment process easy by sending digital invoices to your email. Not only does this save resources and time, but it also makes corporate record-keeping simpler. However, if you need them, printed invoices are available on request.

Carpet Cleaning Expertise in the Alberta

Carpet Cleaning In The Calgary Area

We’re proud to be the preferred destination for deep carpet cleaning in Calgary and surrounding areas. We serve Calgary, Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, Chestermere and more. Contact us by phone or fill out the online contact form to have a professional carpet cleaning scheduled, and enjoy a clean, fresh environment in your vehicle, your office, or your home today.

Discover the Difference the Industry’s Best Equipment Provides

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More About Health Benefits

Remember that dirty carpeting is a refuge for dust mites, pet dander, and a variety of other contaminants that threaten your family’s health every day. Those are issues that tend to worsen as a carpet gets dirtier.

You can’t see many of the contaminants that will threaten your family’s health. Many are so tiny it takes a microscope to see them. That doesn’t mean there is no threat. When you or your children routinely lie on the carpeting to watch television or play, it’s important to ensure that carpeting is as clean as possible.

That’s why we recommend developing a routine carpet cleaning schedule for all your home’s carpeting. If you’re unsure how often to schedule cleaning, our team will gladly evaluate your family’s use patterns and recommend a schedule.

Getting Started Is Easy

If it’s time for carpet cleaning in your home, give our team a call now. We’ll gladly answer any questions you have and explain the various services our team provides. At Janicarp, we’re dedicated to helping our clients keep their homes clean and safe.

Rather than risking health issues, why not give our team a call now to schedule an appointment? Of course, it’s also easy to contact our staff using the website if that’s more convenient for you.

Remember, we’re here to help. Your carpets will last longer, and your family will be healthier when the carpets are cleaned by our team of professionals on a regular schedule. Contact our team now to schedule an appointment.

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