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Post Construction Cleaning

A professionally performed post construction clean gives added value to a completed home development project. We deliver detailed post construction cleaning at its best. You can depend on us to provide a thorough job every time. Our products are environmentally friendly and not corrosive to building materials. We will team up with you to deliver the service product we know that the customer expects. Our overall objective is the complete elimination of dust while maintaining the original lustre of surface area. This is to ensure the cleanest possible environment for healthy and comfortable living.

Areas of concentration when delivering these services are:



Kitchen Cupboards

Counter tops cleaned and thoroughly dusted. All construction residues including dust, glue, labels and other materials both on the external and internal surfaces of cupboard removed. Ensure all drawers are dust and debris free. Dusting of all appliances and removal and disposal of packaging materials.


Windows and doors

Window frames, sills and trims meticulously cleaned, ensuring that all crevices and corners on panels and frames are cleared of dust, scum, dead insects and debris. Removal of extraneous matter such as paint, tape, glue and other defacing materials to obtain a clean and elegant appearance. We then clean and shine the glass surface.



All floors are vacuumed to completely remove dust before mopping. Floor care includes the removal of paint, glue and construction markings, dusting of base board mouldings and trims and clearing air vents of dust and debris.



Freshly painted walls need no cleaning. Dusting of walls only where necessary.


Electrical Fixtures and Appliances

Dusting and cleaning and removal of extraneous materials. Removal of packaging materials and adhesives.



Dusting, cleaning and shinning of sanitary appliances shower stalls, tubs, faucets and mirrors. Cleaning of cupboard and exposed plumbing system.



Dusting external and internal surfaces of closet doors, shelves and drawers, floor and walls. Removal of sealing tape and adhesive glue.



Dust/clean entire railings and mouldings. Vacuum treads and risers.


Laundry Room

Dusting of appliances, cleaning and dusting of sink and faucets. Ensure cupboard, drawers and shelves dust free and all walls and floor clean.


Furnace Room

Floor vacuumed, heating system and other equipment and piping system dusted.

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